can't get enough of

There is just something about shoes, wallets, bags, and jewelry that I want to have a lot of each of those things.
I'm starting to think it might be a problem. I have more wallets, bags, and shoes than I can count.
And to make matters worse...
I went out and bought four pairs of flats last week.
Yay for me.
Boo for my bank account.
But I don't regret it. I love shoes. I love the way accessories make any outfit better. I had to share what I got.

it might look like a lot but i swear, it's only four pairs.
and to those who are wondering, yes.
i pretty much bought 4 pairs in different colors.
how could a girl pick just one color?!!

so far i wear these the most^

but color wise, i think these are my favorite.^
i just love gray tweed. and it looks sweet against my yellow blanket.

and the nice thing about flats is they go with casual outfits
and with dressier ones as well
so i really bought eight pairs if you think about it.

and i needed a black pair, because they go with anything.

and up close detail for those texture lovers out there.
i am a texture lover too.

Now normally, I'm not a jewelery girl, but I found this on etsy
and since it was gray and beautiful
I fell in love with it and bought it.
That's the short story of my life.
I fall in love with everything
and buy it.
there are other awesome colors and neat stuff.
take a peek over here, at dangsworld.

and lastly
this has nothing to do with accessories
but I feel just a tad proud because I crocheted my first ball.
I intended it to be for juno, my puppy, to play with.
But I fell in love with it, got greedy and decided to keep it for myself.
I promised him I would make him one too.
out of blue yellow and green.
fair enough, right?


  1. Those shoes are really cute! I never stumble upon 4 pairs of shoes that cute.

  2. those are fantastic! if it makes you feel any better they look like they could be worn year round...so let's see...4 pairs times 4 seasons...hmmm...should have paid more attention in math but i'm thinking it = your money's worth!!! happy 4th!

  3. haha you two. if you want to get your own, urban outfitters is the place to go. and molly jean, if i do the math right, it's almost like I have 32 pairs. 4 for dressy, 4 for casual and 4 times a year. so 32? althought i could be pushing it in chicago winters.