happy birthday hello.lollipop!

[image from butaho's flickr]

It has been one year since I first began my blog.
I made it to 58 posts and 55 followers.
Not bad, that almost makes 1 follower per post.

My first post was just an introduction
of myself but I also wrote things
I wanted to learn or do more of.

I looked back and saw that trying
more through the viewfinder photography
was on the list.
Check. I've done plenty of those.

And I wrote that I want to learn
how to do letterpress.
Well, I've signed up for a letterpress
class this summer at an art school.
Yay! I'll check that in a couple of months.
And I'll be able to show you guys what I make.

Now I just have to sign up for some piano lessons.
Oh and I want to take a calligraphy class
so I can improve.

So I have another lovely year to look
forward to with my sweet followers
and occasional visitors.
Thanks for sticking with me.
I'll treat you all to another giveaway this June
as my present to my blog.

Also happy memorial day!
I sense that it will be a good one.
I hear thunder rumbling in the distance
and I LOVE thunderstorms.
And I just found out I won a giveaway
Hurray for me :)

P.S. The sky just broke.
Good, the garden needed some rain.
I just snuck in some poppy flower seeds
between my mom's flowers
and am hoping they surprise me
by actually coming up.
Poppies, peonies, and ranunculus are my favorite.


my gardening mother

Every summer I get to enjoy
the fruit of my mother's labor.
She has made our backyard
a lovely and inspiring place.

When the weather warms up enough
she spends many hours outside
working in the garden.
She plants flowers, vegetables, fruit.

She arranges the random,
eclectic things my dad brings home.
A chipped deer statue,
piles of old bricks, a bird bath.

Our yard has become a haven.
And it all looks so effortless and casual.

I hope someday that I'll have
a home and yard of my own,
and that it will look
and feel as peaceful and beautiful
as the one my mom and dad made for us.


Thank God

I'm just so grateful to God
that it is so gorgeous outside.
Spring is practically gone here
and summer is coming full speed.
But as humid as it is,
I can't deny that I'm loving it all.
What a blessing.

Here are some beautiful flowers
from my backyard
shot through the viewfinder.


getting better & pretty things

My foot has been healing really well.
I woke up this morning with no pain
and was able to walk with the boot
on right away without any trouble.

So I'm feeling good about getting
back to my regular schedule tomorrow.
But today I'm just getting one good
last day of rest and enjoying it, too.

Took some photos of things in my room,
the new pieces I made in ceramics,
and the peonies that are waiting to
bloom outside of my window.

Made this when spring first arrived.

Formed the bird out of porcelain
and glazed it in ceramics class.

Little plaque for Juno's one year with me.

A piece I made in ceramics.
I'm happy with the glaze results.

Another piece. I like the carvings,
just wish the glaze would've run further down.

Just a porcelain stone I stamped into.

The newest mug I've made.
Happy with it.

The peonies.

The ant.

And my smiling companion.


bed rest

It's around one in the morning my time
and I still am not tired.
I got foot surgery today for my bunions
and all the sleep I've gotten during
the day is keeping me up.
So I'd figure I'd post.

Fortunately the surgery went well
and I feel like the healing won't
take too long.

For now I'm stuck in bed with a cold-water
compressor around my leg and my faithful
puppy Juno by my side.


the winner is...

Rebecca from Little Paper Boutique!

Thanks so much to everyone else
who took the time to enter
and also to those awesome people
who now follow my blog.
It's when I get such a good
response to giveaways that I
really look forward to the next one.

Sorry to those who didn't win
but I promise, there will be more!

Again, thanks so much!
21 people entering makes me feel
really good about what I'm doing.


pink polka dot pouch GIVEAWAY

It's time for another giveaway!
This time it's my pink polka dot zipper pouch
that one lucky person will win!

The rules are simple:
- you can get one entry by leaving me a comment
letting me know you want to enter.
also, please leave me a way to contact you
if you win!

- the giveaway is running from today until
next tuesday, may 11th at 2 p.m.

- if you like my blog and want to follow,
I'd love that but it will not count as another entry
(I figure that "forcing" people to follow
for another chance to win doesn't mean
you'll actually want to follow me)

- I will use a random number generator to pick the
winner and will post the winner up on
wednesday, may 12th.

- this giveaway is open to everyone,
that includes my friends, family, and stalkers

- and to you men out there, feel free to enter for
the ladies in your life

Now enter away my friends!

and incase you want to know, it measures 5x7.5 inches.
but who really cares, it's free.