i really have had my mind lately on opening an etsy shop.
thing is, i don't even know what i would sell yet.
i do things from ceramics and sewing, to photography and crocheting.
but i feel like i need to jump on it and give it a try.
nothing too big. just make stuff, try to sell it, and see where it goes from there.
any etsy sellers reading this, advice or encouragement would be very welcomed.
thanks a bunch.


  1. Let's see it! Just jump in, you can do it.
    You already have a blog for promotion, a good one I might add, with a keen eye for style.
    Do it!
    Clear, beautiful photos. And promote, promote,
    promote! Here to help if you need it. Just convo me!

  2. oh kate, thanks so much. seriously, you are so very sweet and the encouragement really helps. :) thanks for the advice!

  3. Oh, it's a blast! You should totally do it. I just opened a second shop, but I've been selling on etsy for a long time and have met so many wonderful people and sent a lot of things to great new homes. You can do it!!

  4. P.S. I was reading your blog and I, too, love funyons and have an addiction with flats..I love the shoes you posted! And we're both in IL, how cool!

  5. Sell what you like creating. If you dont like what you make, you wont want to do it.
    Best of luck!!!

  6. were alot alike ponderandstitch. maybe long lost sisters, haha! we like funyuns, flats, succulents, old postcards, vintage things in general, and are good old illinoisians. good taste ;)

  7. Long lost sisters..I like that! Convo me any time. :)

  8. Please, please, please!

    List a bit of everything, I'm sure it's all adorable and you'll do great. If not, you'll at least mail a few things away to people who'll love them!

  9. oh how exciting! i love etsy... i waffled for a long time about it too, and once i listed stuff, i was like "why didn't i do this sooner?"
    hmm.. tips... i would say clear photos and descriptions, as well as knowing how much it is to ship certain items before you list them.
    can't wait to see your shop!

  10. imaginary outdoors, good point. i usually just want to keep everything, but lately ive really been wanting to share. and my room is getting packed with too many things. im hoping to make some stuff tonight, throw some pottery at my school studio, hopefully glaze it next week and put it up. and then maybe sew something tonight. i have tons of fabric and im itching to actually do something with it. thank you all so much for the advice. if anyone else sees this, i have one last question of what i should do: i have my regular username, but its lame, just my last name and numbers, lela88... but i have tons of feedback from purchases. do i start a new shop, clean slate, better shop name but no feedback? or i was thinking i can keep mine and for a bit, til things move a little more, then let people know im tranfering to a different shop? also... shop name? same as my blog or different? i would so appreciate feedback on this. thanks so much again! you all are too kind!

  11. Hi, Amanda
    I love the hello lollipop name. That would make an awesome shop name. I say go for it. Open a shop, call it hello lollipop, make what you love, take beautiful pictures, list your beauties and your shop will be a success.
    Don't forget to promote! Good Luck!

  12. Why not try it? Best of luck!