one of those weeks

Ever had those days or weeks?
I haven't been productive enough
and I have a mean cold that won't back off.

This painting is from here and I love it.


layer cake shop

If you haven't heard of Layer Cake Shop
you are missing out!
This online shop has the best
baking items you could hope to find.
From baking cups to twine,
it's all here.

These are a couple of my favorites:

butterfly toppers

dutch apple bakery labels

yellow stripe twist ties

gray bakers twine

mint green icing roses

royal icing fruits

neon polka dot sprinkles

Not only do they have cute baking supplies,
but they are also well priced.
It's time to do some shopping!


erban fiber

Not too long ago my blog buddy, erban,
opened another etsy shop.
Her first shop is her awesome photography.
Her newest shop is called erban fiber
and it holds a collection of
cool remixed friendship bracelets + more.

I couldn't keep myself from buying something
once the shop opened.
I'm not one to wear much jewelry but these
were fun, cute, and colorful.
How could I resist!

If you have not already visited
erban fiber, do so!
I'm sure you'll find something you love.


i heart letterpress

So I had my first letterpress class this past Wednesday.
It was very fun and interesting,
finally getting to see how letterpress works.

My teacher set up some words for us
and let us each get a turn at
running a sheet through the press.
Nothing great, but here's mine:

And now I want to share some of
my all time favorite letterpress artists,
from etsy of course,
and some of my favorite picks from their shops.

I've been meaning to buy this for a long time.

I love the sense of humor in this.
by sycamorestreetpress

I actually bought this one and gave it to my
cousin for her wedding. . .by misspicklespress

who doesn't love tandem bikes?
by letterpress

this was truly my best etsy purchase EVER.
this large assortment of cards saved me
when I didn't have time to card shop.
totally recommend it!
by IndustriousLily

dutchdoor makes some of the most lovely
letterpress I've ever seen.
I got a mother's day card for my mom from them
last year and she loved it.

and this is just so darn cute!
by DingbatPress

simple and sweet.
by breadandbuttershop

cool and creative letterpress house!
by 1canoe2

So there you have it!
Just a small selection of the letterpress I love.
Share your favorites, I always want more!


new banner

I realized that I haven't really changed anything
on my blog since I first made it.
So I decided to make a new banner today.
I'm planning to work a little more
on my blog's layout in the coming weeks
(if I can find time to be productive)
and also spruce up my etsy shop a bit.
Let me know what you think!



I went on a very fun kayaking trip
down the Chicago River for Glenn's birthday.

It was hard work but the view was gorgeous!
I'm sure I'll share more photos later but these are
just a couple.


holiday excitement

(thanks erban for the photoshop freebie!)

I'm sure I'm not the only one excited for

this upcoming Fourth of July,

but I'm just really looking forward to it

this year!

I never used to care too much for it,

but the fun of traditions has made it addicting.

I think for the past four years I've watched

the fire works at my old high school

and also at this great beach

on Lake Michigan that Glenn and I have

some sweet first memories at.

In case I don't get around to posting

on July 4th I wish you all a wonderful,

tradition-filled, and safe holiday!