through the viewfinder

I've been wanting to play around with some
(through the viewfinder)
for awhile now.
It's when you take a photo
with a digital camera
THROUGH the viewfinder of another camera.
I took these shots through my Yashica.

It's really fun to do
and the results can be really beautiful.
In my case it was getting a little dark out
and I had to do some lens correction on
photoshop because I wasn't careful
and some of my shots weren't centered.

Overall I like them and I'm excited
to do more of these when it's brighter out.
I actually posted in my first post
that ttv's were something I
wanted to do more of.
check that off.


monday inspiration board

I'm sure all of us,

at one time or another,

have needed some monday inspiration.

A little something to encourage us

for our coming week.

Something pretty, shiny, and whimsical.

These are some of the things that inspire me.

From my room, to yours.



announcing the giveaway winner...

First off I want to truly thank everyone

who entered, hearted my shop or an item,

or chose to follow my blog.

I can't tell you how good it feels

to have that kind of support

from people who may not even know me.


Also, I was just so thrilled about this giveaway.

I was surprised at the response

but I really want to give back

to you guys.

To you people who take the time to

check out a new site and

like winning free things. :)

I'm excited to be giving something back

to someone who took a peek on hello.lollipop.

And I look forward to more giveaways!

So the randomly chosen winner is...




Look for an email from me so

I know exactly which pouch you choose

and where to send it.

Thank you everyone!!



It's that time again!
It's my first giveaway of the year
and I'm excited about it!

Here are the details:
  • Leave me a comment between today

and Saturday, March 27th about which

pouch you would pick if you won.

Be sure to leave an email for me to

contact you incase you win!

  • I will pick the winner by random and

will announce it on Sunday, March 28th.

I'll contact the winner and they can pick

out the pouch they want from my shop.

Simple, fun, and free!

Good luck!

p.s. If you like my blog, I'd love it if you followed me :)


bright fun pouches

I've been busy happily making some bright
fun + spring ready pouches.
Some of them turned out so great that
I would even use them as a clutch.

I feel the urge to have a giveaway
some time soon.
And maybe have the winner pick out
their favorite pouch.
Details on that in the coming week.

Meanwhile...my latest creations.


it's pouring

It's 51 degrees farenheit out and it's raining pretty hard.

I'm not feeling too great and so I'm home from work
with my vanilla chai and my dog.

The snow is practically all gone and I'm aching for spring.

But I just love this weather.

My patient companion, Juno.


peek a boo

Hi guys. I'm back.
It's been awhile and I seriously forgot
some of the little tricks I used to use to fix
the glitches I always had with writing posts.
So if this looks off, sorry.
But you all are sweet and I know will understand.
So here's the update:
been busy... with work, school, life.
Writing blogs was taking a long time and I wasn't selling any pouches
That bummed me out.
So I gave myself a break.
A long one.
I got my energy, ideas, and act together
and have had a huge explosion of pouches
bursting out of my mom's sewing machine.
It's been great.
And I feel motivated and encouraged and even if it takes
three more months to make another sale
I'm happy and I'm loving it.
So there. That's the update.
Now enough talking, because that's not what you came here for.
Or at least that's usually why I don't go on blogs.
I come for the eye candy. Here's some for you.
Eat up.