weekend business

this little piggy went to the market
and bought a whole bunch of clothes
she didn't really need.
horray for a shopping filled weekend!


dress success

lame title, i know.
but it's the first dress I've ever made
and somehow I feel like I have the right to be cheesy.
It has a couple of little things
that I need to fix
but still, I love it.
I was trying to make it look similar to
a Liz Claiborne dress I fell in love with:

hmm, maybe next time....

i'm a girl of my word

and so although it takes forever for me to post up photos,
I'm doing it. Out of love.
And also because chances are if I say I'm gonna do something,
I probably will.

The plate matches the bowl I made a while back.

They're all about 6 inches across.

Perfect for dessert or to hold little things on your desk.

What do you think?

lovely package exchange

About a month or so ago oh, hello friend had
a lovely package exchange.
I thought it was the most fantastic idea ever.
So I immediately signed up and was so excited
to get a partner and plan a lovely package for her.
My partner was Kathy and it was so much fun
preparing some lovely things for her.
But I was absolutely thrilled when I received my package!
Here is a glimpse of how lucky I was.
Everything was wrapped SO carefully,
with whimsical paper and
thick, fun ribbons.
I felt so special! -.-

I received a great book on a handmade Christmas. Right up my alley!

A hole puncher for large squares. Perfect for crafts!

And beautiful vintage lacey fabric and crocheted throw.

Thank you so much Kathy!

And thanks oh, hello friend for organizing all this!!!


super busy

I hate not staying on top of blog posting
and I promise I'm not making excuses when I say
I've been SO busy.

School started, been working,& catching up with friends.
I know I should make time for writing on here
and that is why my guilty conscience kicked in tonight.
I could be sleeping right now
but decided I need to keep my blog company for a bit.
Just let it know what's been going on.

So back to ceramics class.
And as usual I love it.
To anyone who kept up with me,
those plates I made turned out awesome.
For my first plates, the form is good
and the glaze on some of them are gorgeous.
I plan to make more and hopefully get them perfect
or as close as I can and do a giveaway with one or two.

I made a lovely pitcher the other day,
but sort of cheated because my teacher helped me
with the handle.
Either way I learned and plan to make another.

I have a handful of pieces waiting to be glazed
but I seem to have run into a problem.
I'm starting to be real picky about my glaze
choices because it can make or break the piece.
As in make it awesome or make it super lame/boring.
So, although I have a vase for a friend that
needs to be glazed, I'm holding off just to
really find the perfect look for it.
Same goes for about 7 other pieces.

On a lighter note,
I made a dress!
It turned out pretty good!
I need to fix a couple little things
but it's not bad at all.
Especially for a first dress.
Luckily I had a very awesome talented friend
guide me through it all.
It took nearly 8 hours but it was very satisfying when it was done.
I'm planning to wear it to my cousin's wedding.

So I've been busy, you see.
I don't even like wasting blog space with so much typing.
I'm not too crazy about reading super long posts.
But an update/excuse was desperately needed, I think.
Tomorrow I plan to post up photos of the dress
and the plates I made.

Basically this was a post to alert you about tomorrow
and let you know that, yes, I'm still alive.
And since writing on here and not adding a couple of photos
would drive me nuts... I'm adding two more that
have nothing to do with anything I just wrote.

This was last summer.
Chillin' with my man on those hot summer days
by the river near his house.
Bringing back film on a good ol' Canon AE-1.
Something I've been wanting to do lately.
Now I just need to do it before this summer is gone.

danger is his middle name.


and the winner is...

Congratulations to Kate8085!

Thanks so much to everyone who entered.
I am so grateful for all the wonderful
people who take the time to peek in on
what I love to do.
I plan to have more giveaways
in September so don't forget to check back
for another chance to win something!
You guys are the best!



yes, ladies and gents.
it's that time again.
and after hoping my plates would be out of the kiln by now
for a giveaway, i've given up on that idea.
darn that slow ceramics studio.
so i decided to take matters into my own hands,
which is my job,
since it is my blog.
i made a buncha pouches and i made one especially for one lucky winner.
could it be you?
i sure hope so!!
here is the pouch:

It's about 5.5 x 8 inches, made with a linen/cotton blend I purchased off etsy, decorated with crocheted trim all around the top(front and back), and is lined with some creamy cotton fabric. It closes with a hook-and-eye. It was the first pouch I attempted to make with a flat bottom and so I learned from it. Didn't turn out too bad, I think. :)

Here is how to enter:

follow me or already follow me= 1 entry

comment on here and tell me which pouch is your fav from my tiny shop= 1 entry

refer a friend or post/link about this giveaway on your blog= 1 entry

^^have your friend tell me you referred them.

send me a link to your blog if you post about the giveaway.^^

The giveaway ends saturday, august 29th...10pm central time.

I will pick a person randomly announce the winner sunday the 30th.

Good luck! And don't forget to let me know where to contact you at!

p.s. check out the post before this one! it's also a new one.

sisters are good for

There is something special about a sister.
I have a handful of them and I know that a relationship with a sister
is better than one with a friend...if you're lucky.
You see, in front of a sister you are YOU.
You aren't influenced as much by the way they act
because, well, you put up with it since you've been born.
Or since they've been born.
You can be goofy, dumb, embarassing...all with out being embarassed.
You can make up weird movies together and film them on
a video camera as old as you.
(we've done that one. the movie is called crackers.
it could be a blockbuster hit someday. we're still dreaming.)
You can jump and wrestle on a trampoline with your sisters
and laugh so hard you don't have the strength to
tackle each other anymore.
Or you can just have a photo shoot with your sister.
Which is what I did today.
It started off as me asking her to model a vintage skirt I spruced up.
But she didn't shave her legs.
Me either.
But I ended up putting the skirt on.
And asked her to just take a couple of shots by our boat that is now
just a lawn ornament.
Well, it become more than just a couple of shots when she said
"work it baby."
We started goofing off, circling our beautiful backyard
and loading my camera with "model" shots.
I'm no model. She's no photographer.
But it sure was fun.
And in the end, we felt like pros.
And we started to remember how lucky we are
to have such a gorgeous backyard.
We grew up here, playing outdoor make believe games.
This time, we were making believing that we were on America's Next Top Model.
And boy was it great.