eventful events

I haven't been a very good blogger this past week.
I'll be the first to admit I've been a lazy.
But I have a good reason.
And the reason is that seriously...
nothing good happened.
No good stories. Wasn't very productive.
But I did have a very eventful weekend.

Starting with Friday.
I went to see my favorite artist, Brandi Carlile,
who opened for the Indigo Girls at the Ravinia Festival.
It was so so so
I went with him.

We brought a very awesome picnic basket.
Packed with subs, chips, pop, and plenty of junk food.

(p.s. the junk food is hiding in the basket)
And it was super crowded.

I had an unforgettable time.
I got scolded at by a Ravinia worker for taking a picture of the stage.
We ran like there was no tomorrow to catch our train.
Then got yelled at for running by the tracks.
the best part was
we missed our stop because the train was exploding with people
and we couldn't get through them.
But a very kind lady who was at the show gave us a ride
in her sweet jeep back to our car.
The jeep was topless. We had a blast.
Really. :)

Okay. So that was friday.
Saturday I decided I needed more shoes.
So I went and got four pairs of adorable flats.

I'll save a photo of them for another day...
along with the cutest ring I bought off etsy.

Sunday I slept in.

And went to the beach later on the scooter
and enjoyed the wonderful view
while eating some great Potbelly subs.

don't you just love summertime?

We talked about how boats are so neat
and how cool it would be to have one someday.
A sailboat, or motor... or row.

So then today, Monday, I went out into my backyard
filled with the collection of random stuff my dad brings home
and just kind of hung out by the boat I want to kidnap.
Or borrow.

I want to take it out for a row sometime.

And finally
I tried to catch my puppy.

Can you say impossible?


  1. AnonymousJune 30, 2009

    catching Juno is imposible....

  2. My older sister's listened to nothing but the Indigo Girls while I was going up. I would have been excited to see them live :)

    I like that picture of the boat with the shoes!

  3. yea, the indigo girls were great! and it's nice, they sang with brandi carlile too so it was a double treat. brandi's loved them growing up and is still blown away that she sings with them. its funny. oh and thanks bout the picture. :)