happy fourth of july weekend!

I hope that everyone is having a great holiday weekend so far.
I know I am.

Friday night I watched the fireworks at my old high school.
The ending was what my man called a "stimulus package ending"
Also known as pretty cheap and short.
But still, I had a blast.
get it. blast. haha.

and check out the awesome time warp explosion. wooowooo!

So the actual 4th of July, I had a nice breakfast with a good friend who is back in town. Really nice time seeing her again. Got us some dunkin' donuts. Because America Runs on Dunkin' you know.

After that I watched Public Enemies for the second time with my man.
And let me tell you...
if you haven't watched it yet, get your behind in the nearest theater.

We left the theater to be greeted by rain.
boo for rain.
at least on the fourth of july.

Picked up juno buno, got him in the holiday spirit and took some adorable pictures of that little runt.

and because I'm a girl of my word, I stayed up til 3 a.m.
friday night and made juno his very own crocheted ball. :)
my boys

God Bless America!
Once the photo shoot ended
we did what we've done for the past three years.
Went to Glencoe Beach for the fireworks.
And let me just say, they blew my high school's show outta the water.
haha, another little joke.

slow shutter speed is funand this is supposed to be a heart out of light graffitii felt sticky after a humid scooter ride there

it was so so awesome.
and we had the best spot on the beach.
or so we thought.
i seem to have a slight addiction to funyuns.
anyone else?
probably not.
after all it gives you FANTASTIC onion breath.
the show ended but we stuck around to take
a couple of photos to remember the night by
i think this should be a pantene pro-v advertisement.
boy is my face whited out.i used my lame camera. by this point the people next to us were creeped out and in a hurry to get away.
and doesn't this water look incredible?
like it's mosaic or something.

i hope you all are having a wonderful weekend