days off = things made

in my opinion nothing beats having tons of spare time and
filling it up with crafting.
which is exactly what i've been doing
and i couldn't be happier.
i have a friend who asked me to make her a pouch
similiar to the giveaway one.
i figured out an easier way to sew it
and i think it came out really nice.
i want to make another and put it up on etsy today.
if i do, i'll let you guys know. it would be my first item
made to sell on etsy.

this pouch has hook closures instead of the button. and days off also means i get to work on more pottery.
i recently made this small bowl and
am so happy with the way the glaze came out.
i like pieces to have visual interest.
a blend of colors or texture.
i love the eggplant purple.

i'm so satisfied.


  1. You ARE talented, Miss! I wish I could make pottery!

    Cant wait to see more~~

  2. Awww, that little pouch is precious! And what a pretty bowl, I'd love to see your shop and whatever you put in it. :)

  3. very cute! i love the lace detail/fringe... makes it so pretty. ;)

  4. It is so professionally done Amanda. The quality is just as good in person as in picture. I will be one to first that! So vintage and original. I can't wait to use mine!!!! (work doesn't count haha)

  5. im so glad you like it hannah :D and thanks everyone else for the nice comments!!