under the weather

I usually don't post too much about
non crafty things
but I've been sick with some kind of bug
for two days now
and I thought it would be nice to
look back on my healthier, non-sick days.

I don't know about you,
but when my health's not doing so hot
I can't help but be more grateful
when I'm feeling good.

These photos were taken just this past Saturday
when the weather was nice and perfect
for a scooter ride to Lake Michigan.

But scooter rides in 70 degrees
feel more like 40 degrees,
hence the gloves...jacket...and head scarf.

Still, it was very fun. The water looked
so fresh and clear and the trees
were especially bright green now
that spring really hit us.
Love it.


be productive

When I have a long list of things to do,
I write myself an extra note of
encouragement that says:

Sometime I ignore the note,
or sometimes I just get distracted
by something called the internet.

I've gotten some stuff accomplished since
I woke up at 8:30 this morning.
But I knew it wouldn't feel worth it
if I wouldn't finally post on my blog.

So here's what I owed you guys
since my last post from some
many days ago.


.i am lazy.

I was planning to post this photo on Easter
but like the blog title says...
I sort of excuse it as I'm busy
but that's not always true.

If you can't tell
the leaves look like bunny ears
poking out of the ground.
so cute.

I plan to post a couple more ttv photos
hopefully this upcoming weekend.
Praying for some good weather
and energy to be productive &
stop blog surfing.
Which is what I was doing for the past
three hours before I posted this.


budding inspiration

Here are some of the other
TTV's I said I'd put up.

I'm very happy with them.
Such a breath of fresh air
and a lovely reminder that spring
is here.


and more to come

I had no work today and so this morning
I played around with my camera again,
doing more "through the viewfinder".
And since it was actually light out,
I got some nice results.

Here are just two, I will post
more up tomorrow...
I just have to straighten and crop them.
And doing that to over 50 photos
takes awhile.

Might I just add that today is
so so so
gorgeous where I live.
78 degrees and windy.
Love it :)

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