sew little time

so i had some spare time on my hands
(yeah right)
and decided to take some photos of the stuff i've already glazed
and a couple of other things

i really like the color and shape of this piece.
problem is, the glaze was super runny
and nearly ran right off the piece.
(you can tell in the photo on the right)
but now i know for next time to take it easy.

i like this piece a lot, i threw it on the wheel
but decided to stray from my normal perfectly round circular stuff
and kind of just smash it to make it different.
then i made a scale design on the top.
what i don't like is that i didn't glaze the inside
and it seems to rough for me, too bland.
i also had another piece i made that i really liked
but i gave it to glenn, my guy.
it was small, pear shaped, and had a lid
(my first lidded piece!)
i really dislike the glaze color.
it's a mix of cream and green.
not what i was really going for
which to me looks kind of like,
i don't know...vomit.
maybe i'm being too picky
but i think i need to be so i can improve.

now for the cute happy stuff!
i bought this from miss pickle press
and just think it's the cutest.
i plan to give it to my cousin for her upcoming wedding
i hope she doesn't read my blog
or it won't be a pleasant surprise card.
it says:
and they lived happily ever after.
i hope someone gives me a card this cute when i get married.
i'd save it forever.

and i can't help but feel happy with myself
i got around to sewing tonight
and i made this!!

it's a cute pouch.
or at least i think it's cute.

i used the fabric and button i purchased from ermisino
and i think it turned out pretty good.

and the inside lining, flower, and lace are just fabric i had around.
so i'm thinking of possibly doing my first giveaway with this.
if i do one, it'll be in a separate post soon enough.

anyone interested in winning it?


  1. ooohh, thanks so much for posting the card! so glad you like it. hope your cousin doesn't peek. : )

  2. You do nice work!! Also, I'm in love with that typewriter card!

  3. i'm hoping to put it up as a giveaway early next week. i just want some time with it before i give it away. haha. it will be unused. i just wanted to show my bf and sisters to see what they think. winning it will probably involve commenting on the post, and then you get an extra entry for following. maybe even another extra for referring me to a friend who then follows me and comments letting me know you referred them. may sound complicated but ill post the details once i do the giveaway. :)

  4. Hi Amanda,
    I like your sewing and pottery! That card is great too. Thanks for your comment-I like French bread too and was really pleased with thise bags!

  5. So, pretty much I order you to make an Etsy shop NOW.


  6. haha, as much as i like how the pouch turned out, it was tough. i wanted it perfect and to look nice and it gets me stressed. i love sewing but i felt like i couldnt relax, i wouldnt be good at sewing things and selling them. i look up to those seamsters and seamstresses that are awesome at their craft, sew perfectly and quickly. im not there yet. i think i need a better sewing machine too.

  7. I love how understated your posts are. Heck yes, it's a cute pouch! I totally agree that we need to be critical of our own work if we're ever going to improve. The trick is to critique the work, and not ourselves. :)

    I wish I could see that green and cream glaze-- I bet it was really pretty!

  8. aw thanks carapace :D
    your right about the the critique thing. i try to direct it towards the work but sometimes some bounces back when i feel like im not improving, just plateauing. but im VERY excited. i went into the studio yesterday and i seriously improved a handful in just one night. i had a talented potterer help me out with some tips on throwing and showed me how to throw a good plate. well after i got on the wheel, and perfectly centered a ball of clay. i kept having trouble because i havent been forceful enough with the clay. and i made a cute little plate! :) im excited. unfortunately the studio is closed fri-sun so i have to wait for mon to throw more :(
    but i picked up some finished pieces. maybe ill post up some photos of those and the lidded piece. thanks for the compliments guys.