goodies and stuff

I've been able to spend some more time in the ceramics
studio lately which makes me really happy. And I finally
seem to be having some cool turnouts with the glazes.
I'm actually pretty satisfied with these.
I like this egg shape and the drips are actually a brighter blue than this shows.

You can't really tell in these photos but this piece actually has a glaze I like a lot. It's a matte white with an iridescent yellow shimmer. I think it's pretty.

I just thought this glaze turned out really cool and different from what I usually do.

And there were a couple of people who wanted to see the lidded piece I made that I wasn't too crazy about. The lid isn't perfect around and I would do the top of the lid differently. Not only that but the glaze didn't turn out like I was hoping it would. But that's the fun of playing with glazes.

and now for yet another "things i bought off etsy that i love so much i need to share it with everyone" segment. I just made that up now, there is no segment. I'm just always getting things I ordered and can't keep it to myself. I think everyone should heart these shops and treat themselves to an item from either of these!

pin cushion and hair elastics from namolio

absolutely breath taking prints from alicebgardens

and last but definitely not least is this perfect pack from IndustriousLily.

Forgive me but I'm going to gush about this.
People, this amazing pack of paper goods cost me $30!
It came with this:
5 Letterpress Greeting Cards, 6 Folded Letterpress Notes & Envelopes, 6 Flat Letterpress Notes & Envelopes, 1 "Perfect Note Pad" (100 sheets), 1 pack of 8 Letterpress Gift Tags, and 1 pack of 5 Enclosure cards.
And the best part is you get to customize it!
I go weak in the knees for adorable packaging and this did it for me.
The wooden initial, wax string, wooden initial, and pink bellied box...
it was all too cute. And the paper goodies made it a trillion times better.
Have you ever felt like you got the best deal in the world?
If not, go buy this. And really, it would make such a lovely lovely gift.
I'm swimming in handmade heaven.


  1. You pottery looks awesome and those are some really great Etsy finds!

  2. I love the organic shapes you have created on your pottery. The forms are really interesting when paired with your glazes.