black and white

i took a black and white film photography class last year
and i really enjoyed it.
it was my first photography class and it was really exciting
to see how film is developed and see the image come out on the prints.
i absolutely loved it.
i just take one class a semester
and i've been taking ceramics since the beginning of this year.
sometimes i really miss photography though.
i once peeked my head into the developing lab just to smell the chemicals.
film photo classes can be pricey when factoring
in the film, photo paper, and other things purchased.
but i was looking through the photographs i took
and found my first roll.
i miss it and i'm thinking of taking it again next year.
if any of you has the chance to take a film photo class
i completely encourage it.

this photo isn't big enough to tell, but it's ants on a slide.

cicada shell


  1. AnonymousJuly 26, 2009

    Those are some great photos! Keep up with ceramics, but it's great to always keep in touch with your roots! You know even if it's pricey, it's worth it and you're great at what you do. Like I told you, hopefully eventually you can develop a relationship with maybe the professors or people with access and go in without a class to continue your passion!

  2. beautiful!!!! those are some very striking photographs.... i love photography too (and the chemical smells! :D ), even though it probably isn't one of my greater talents. i may have to seek out a class, now, though! thank you for the gorgeous inspiration.


  3. great photos! I took a photography class this year too. I loved learning how to develop my photos and I wish I could still do that. haha, I know what you mean about missing the smell of the chemicals.