goal: post something interesting by
the end of this week

fact: the shutter speed on this photo was 30 seconds.
Am I good at staying still or what?!


row your boat

my talented boy put together this dandy
little boat in a bottle.


I heart dogs

(click the picture above to enlarge)

If you're a animal lover, go here to find an event near you!

And because I like to show Juno off whenever
I get the chance, here is my handsome pup.


handmade hellos

I really enjoy receiving handwritten cards and notes. As cheesy as it may sound, there's something comforting about a person's handwriting as oppose to a computer's robotic font. Here are some handmade hello cards. There's no need for a special occasion to send one, and I think that's the best part. Just add your own special message and it could brighten some one's day.


Photoswap 2010

This year I participated in Photoswap 2010, put together by Rhianne from for the easily distracted. My talented partner was Liana from CAMERA CRACK who sent me an awesome role that I got to develop. You can view the flicker where I posted them here and the Photoswap group pool here. There were a lot of people who got involved and some of the pictures really blew me away. And Liana posted the roll that I took over here. I loved that we both got to get a little taste of each other's cities. Enjoy!


giveaway winner

Hello everyone!

Sorry I didn't post earlier today but I'm finally home and able to announce the giveaway winner. I want to thank everyone who entered and all my new followers. I love spoiling you guys. There will be another giveaway soon so even if you're not the winner, you'll get another chance.

The winner is Michelle C. She was the random number 2 that was picked! Congratulations! Because I really felt the love this time, I am going to give Michelle the turquoise pouch and let her customize her own pouch that I will also make for her. There will be another giveaway before the end of September! Thanks again you guys!!! ♥