an addiction

i have a sick addiction to notebooks, sketchbooks, notepads, post-its.
like a really serious addiction.
i think i hoard them.
i have maybe 8 or more notebooks laying around waiting to be used.
and i'm not talking boring school notebooks.
i'm talking etsy
urban outfitters
so i made a stop at target a couple days ago for doggie poo bags
and a photo album
and came home with about $20 worth of
cute journals, a folder, and sticky notes.
i think everyone needs sticky notes with a dotted pattern

i also came home with this book because
i decided i really miss reading
and because i'm not busy enough
(yeah right)
i'm going to read it.
i also heard the book is awesome. better than the movie.
which is on my list of the things to see.
i used to stay up til the sun came up reading books as a kid.

boy do i miss those summer days.
time was all i had. where did it go...

p.s. as much as i don't want to admit im a targetholic, i totally am i also bought a dog grooming shaver kit thing. i'll save some money by grooming Juno on my own. Then I can spend that saved money on journals and notepads. Any one else groom their own dog? Any tips?


  1. The type of dogs we have don't need much grooming, just brushed...so I am not sure if it is tough for other dog owners.
    I will say, though, that I share your addiction
    for post its and journals.
    I can't help myself.

  2. I'm a Targetaholic too! I love that store! As far as dog grooming, my mom groom her dog at home and thinks it's worth the time. Your dog will appreciate that it's you grooming them and not some stranger.

  3. I am so with you on the notebook addiction.
    Other things I am addicted to include:

    greeting cards
    anything with birds or tree branch motif
    polka dots

  4. curtis collectables, good point. i think my dog was partially scarred from his first haircut, poor baby. i had to even fix up what they did, because he pretty much had the hairstyle right outta the 90's where boys used to part their bangs right down the center. juno looked like one dorky puppy. his hair is just growing in sooo fast.
    and im glad to see i have company in my target and notepad/post its/journal obsession. we oughta start some sort of post it fanatics anonymous club.

  5. I'm addicted to Target and journals, too. It's out of hand, really. Haha :)

  6. i would never be able to make journals and sell them. i think i would just end up keeping them to myself and broke on the street. and im so glad i dont work at target, because chances are i would put every last penny right in to targets account. :)