looking forward

The weekend is almost here. Which means I can pour over other people's blogs and do some more crafting. I've been itching to crochet a blanket lately.

(this flower photo has nothing to do with crocheting a blanket. except for maybe i'll make it yellow.)

And Monday: no work means I can go to the ceramics studio and do some glazing. Maybe even throw a few pieces.

Yay! I'm excited. Come faster Saturday!

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i do


  1. whimsical & sweet! lovely post : )

  2. ooooh, loved that post about making the stamps! that's right up my alley! beautiful pics in this post.

  3. Beautiful pictures. They remind me of the endless summer vacations when I was younger.

  4. Is crocheting hard? I've been meaning to learn. My mother bought me a beginners kit of sorts, I'm intimidated.

  5. you know, its really easy. like reallllly easy. i think anyone could do it. dont be intimidated. i think you should take out the kit and try it. you go slowly in the beginning til it feels good in your hands and comes more naturally. i made a lot of little mistakes when first starting like not going to the end of the row, or missing a hole. but you see it when your done, and next time do it right. just make something easy, a rectangle to try it out. im still learning and improving. but its relaxing, fun, and nice to make things.