the welcoming bird

I took a little trip to Michaels (the craft store) for a couple of things.

I came home with four kinds of yarn

a small wreath

and a bird.

Not a real one though...

I decided the door to my room is not welcoming enough.

So I hammered in a nail and made this to hang on.

It's quite simple and inexpensive. Total price just about $2.50.

And the door to my room looks cute and inviting. I love it.

There are many different types of birds to choose from.

I liked this one, and the wire wraps right around the wreath.

Nice, huh?

Now go and make some welcoming birds for the doors in your home.


  1. I just love your wreath. The bird does look real. I used to make my own wreaths years ago and felt such a sense of accomplishment afterwards. Thanks for sharing.

    Rosemary, Garden Gate Designs

  2. Oh really? I wish I could claim that I made this one, but it was bought from a craft store. I suppose there would be a sense of accomplishment if you make your own. I would love to sometime. I've seen my little sister make some cute wreaths from dried corn husks. Pretty neat. I should learn from her.

  3. I just may have to do that.
    It looks really cute.