make a stamp

I've been pretty into making stamps lately. I like that I can make absolutely whatever I can dream up. The feeling of the carving tool cutting into the rubber calms me. If you have never made a stamp before, I really encourage it. Really. Sometimes I go to the art supply store and just wander through the aisles to find some new craft I can do. I was picking up some calligraphy ink when I saw a stamp making kit. I knew I had to try it at least once to see if I'd like it. Well, I love it. I hope you would try it and love it too.

can you spot it?

So this is the stamp making kit I used.
It comes with the carving tool, with two different carvers. A narrow one and one that carves larger areas. It also comes with tracing paper, a pad of rubber, and a sheet of stamp images you can trace and then carve.

here is the pear i drew on the tracing paper with a pencil.
the reason you use tracing paper is so that you can just
place it over another image if you want
and trace it so you make it a stamp.
you just take the image you drew on the tracing paper
and lay it face down on the rubber and just press it
and rub the paper a little.
the image copies easily.

i use the narrow "v" carver. it's easier to get into small spots.
I carve carefully around the strawberry.
just nice long strokes.
cut enough so that only the stamp image will get inked.
notice the lines and slashes around some of my stamps above.
i like it sometimes, but it's because i didn't cut deep enough.
you'll learn as you go.
that's the fun of it.

this rubber pad is called "speedy cut"
and i kind of don't like it. it cuts too easily.
i accidently cut the stem of the strawberry off.
oh well.
but so you know, the kit comes with a better sturdier one.
i believe it's called "speedy carve"

i cut in the details of the strawberry.
when i cut fine lines, i just "skim" the top very lightly to not cut too much.
it takes some practice to learn a good way to do it.

take some scissors and cut around the stamp,
with enough room to not cut the actual stamp.



this was just a rough one done for the purpose of showing you guys
but it's cute, no?

my mess

now get creative! make special stamps to decorate wedding invitations, stamp a letter, make a party a little unique. just do something fun! :)


  1. my goodness! what fun you must be having! i never knew this existed... i'm new to the handmade world. i loooove it!! oh and i bet it saves aaaa lot of money! cupcake, by the way says AVA! haha! yay! am i right?

  2. yes you are :):) thats my nieces name. tricky right? haha. it saved money, its fun, and if it calms you it's therapy. :) great craft! you should do it too!

  3. Hmmm, now you've got me wanting to carve stamps! Hahaha, like I need another craft to add to my craft addiction list! :) Good post and great pictures!

  4. thanks. im glad i got you wanting to do it to! im with you, with a craft addiction list. but one more couldnt hurt, right? i say you try it out. it might just be your new favorite! :)

  5. well that's just so neat! i didn't even know they had kits for those. now i wanna make some!

    Also, I do this too: "Sometimes I go to the art supply store and just wander through the aisles to find some new craft I can do." :) <3

  6. Fabulous!! Can't wait to try this.
    Thank you!

  7. ou are an answer to my prayers. i had no idea it was that simple lol. do i have lots of time? maybe :P


  8. love stamps! such an inexpensive way to add style to any project...but i've always been intimidated by the thought of making my own...thanks for the tutorial - i'm no longer intimidated!

  9. Calligraphy ink. <333 Try drawing with it using a feather. Everything looks so magical!

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  11. ooo thanks for the tip. i will try it! off to find a feather. :) haha