a whimsical weekend

flowers can make any room brighter.

lace and ribbon are the best.

my corkboard is the place for things i find inspiring.

this site has the best notebooks and paper pads.

the kids i nanny insisted i take a toy car home.
here is my favorite. & i love this flag pin.

i purchased a bunch of fabrics and some buttons from
ermisino. so very cute. can't wait to make something!

yarn yarn yarn. stocked up, i've been crocheting lately.

i got these AMAZING prints from Unravelling.
can i just say that i have never seen such beautiful,
whimsical, and intimate photography...
everyone needs one of Susannah's prints on their wall.


  1. you are so sweet - so glad you like them :) x

  2. thanks for taking a look. once i get my own place i will be back for more. there isnt enough bare wall space left in my room:)

  3. Ah so many beautiful objects!