lovely package exchange

About a month or so ago oh, hello friend had
a lovely package exchange.
I thought it was the most fantastic idea ever.
So I immediately signed up and was so excited
to get a partner and plan a lovely package for her.
My partner was Kathy and it was so much fun
preparing some lovely things for her.
But I was absolutely thrilled when I received my package!
Here is a glimpse of how lucky I was.
Everything was wrapped SO carefully,
with whimsical paper and
thick, fun ribbons.
I felt so special! -.-

I received a great book on a handmade Christmas. Right up my alley!

A hole puncher for large squares. Perfect for crafts!

And beautiful vintage lacey fabric and crocheted throw.

Thank you so much Kathy!

And thanks oh, hello friend for organizing all this!!!


  1. Oh, how wonderful!!! I would so love to do an exchange like that! You got some great stuff. :)

  2. i think its an annual thing. i think you should join in next year! :)