super busy

I hate not staying on top of blog posting
and I promise I'm not making excuses when I say
I've been SO busy.

School started, been working,& catching up with friends.
I know I should make time for writing on here
and that is why my guilty conscience kicked in tonight.
I could be sleeping right now
but decided I need to keep my blog company for a bit.
Just let it know what's been going on.

So back to ceramics class.
And as usual I love it.
To anyone who kept up with me,
those plates I made turned out awesome.
For my first plates, the form is good
and the glaze on some of them are gorgeous.
I plan to make more and hopefully get them perfect
or as close as I can and do a giveaway with one or two.

I made a lovely pitcher the other day,
but sort of cheated because my teacher helped me
with the handle.
Either way I learned and plan to make another.

I have a handful of pieces waiting to be glazed
but I seem to have run into a problem.
I'm starting to be real picky about my glaze
choices because it can make or break the piece.
As in make it awesome or make it super lame/boring.
So, although I have a vase for a friend that
needs to be glazed, I'm holding off just to
really find the perfect look for it.
Same goes for about 7 other pieces.

On a lighter note,
I made a dress!
It turned out pretty good!
I need to fix a couple little things
but it's not bad at all.
Especially for a first dress.
Luckily I had a very awesome talented friend
guide me through it all.
It took nearly 8 hours but it was very satisfying when it was done.
I'm planning to wear it to my cousin's wedding.

So I've been busy, you see.
I don't even like wasting blog space with so much typing.
I'm not too crazy about reading super long posts.
But an update/excuse was desperately needed, I think.
Tomorrow I plan to post up photos of the dress
and the plates I made.

Basically this was a post to alert you about tomorrow
and let you know that, yes, I'm still alive.
And since writing on here and not adding a couple of photos
would drive me nuts... I'm adding two more that
have nothing to do with anything I just wrote.

This was last summer.
Chillin' with my man on those hot summer days
by the river near his house.
Bringing back film on a good ol' Canon AE-1.
Something I've been wanting to do lately.
Now I just need to do it before this summer is gone.

danger is his middle name.

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  1. Beautiful photos! I am with ya on the business, I can't seem to fit everything in and get sleep at the same time. Eek! I love, love, love my pouch, by the way! Its gorgeous!! Thanks again!