sisters are good for

There is something special about a sister.
I have a handful of them and I know that a relationship with a sister
is better than one with a friend...if you're lucky.
You see, in front of a sister you are YOU.
You aren't influenced as much by the way they act
because, well, you put up with it since you've been born.
Or since they've been born.
You can be goofy, dumb, embarassing...all with out being embarassed.
You can make up weird movies together and film them on
a video camera as old as you.
(we've done that one. the movie is called crackers.
it could be a blockbuster hit someday. we're still dreaming.)
You can jump and wrestle on a trampoline with your sisters
and laugh so hard you don't have the strength to
tackle each other anymore.
Or you can just have a photo shoot with your sister.
Which is what I did today.
It started off as me asking her to model a vintage skirt I spruced up.
But she didn't shave her legs.
Me either.
But I ended up putting the skirt on.
And asked her to just take a couple of shots by our boat that is now
just a lawn ornament.
Well, it become more than just a couple of shots when she said
"work it baby."
We started goofing off, circling our beautiful backyard
and loading my camera with "model" shots.
I'm no model. She's no photographer.
But it sure was fun.
And in the end, we felt like pros.
And we started to remember how lucky we are
to have such a gorgeous backyard.
We grew up here, playing outdoor make believe games.
This time, we were making believing that we were on America's Next Top Model.
And boy was it great.


  1. Omg, who says you can't model?! You are freakin' adorable!!

  2. these are amazing amanda! send them somewhere!!! I would so totally be up on purchasing that skirt if i was ever as petit as yourself. you have a talent miss.

  3. AnonymousJune 11, 2010

    this is one of my favorite posts.love it!