i'm a girl of my word

and so although it takes forever for me to post up photos,
I'm doing it. Out of love.
And also because chances are if I say I'm gonna do something,
I probably will.

The plate matches the bowl I made a while back.

They're all about 6 inches across.

Perfect for dessert or to hold little things on your desk.

What do you think?


  1. Your plates are very beautiful

  2. Wow, georgeous!!!!~~

  3. **You've got total talent!

  4. ;) Good Job!! You should become a ceramics teacher.

  5. The glazing done is absolutely impeccable. Very sophisticated. The touch on the colors is one of a kind and modern. The shape is certainly symmetrical and even. Very impressed with your taste and work of art.

  6. I looooooooovvvvvvveeeeee it.

  7. Oh em gee, 'manda! First of all, I want my vase. lol. Second of all, I want those plates. Third of all, I'm thinkin of taking a ceramics class next sem!!! Credits to you! <3

    Btw, vampire diaries was MUCH better than twilight.
    love j000!!!

  8. to all you anonymous people out there, assuming it was all different people not one trying to make me feel great and leaving me 7 comments... thanks a bunch. makes me feel real good to see you guys like what i do. really :)
    and zeeeeky pooooh. :) first of all... your vase is in hibernation mode right now, but for a good reason. were learning to make glazes now and i wanna make your extra special with more fun colors and something that would make the vase look awesome. but be patient, it wont be too much longer and hopefully it will be worth it. second, ill make you a plate. and third, im so glad!! i hope you would take it! its so fun and once you get into throwing and pretty glazes, its just a totaly stress relieving blast. :) really. and really? it was better? is it a movie or a show. show right? although i still havent seen twilight! :\
    and i love you too. :) youre the best :)

  9. lol, watch twilight (books turned movie) then watch vampire diaries (books turned show) and you'll know why I bash twilight all the time. Otherwise, I wouldn't recommend the movie to you or to anyone out there. =D
    Buuuuuttttt I can't wait for my bee-you-tea-full vase! <3
    lol, it just better not be for my birthday 'cuz, although, it'd be a year in the making and immensely appreciated...I would like additional ceramic makings from my beloved than just ONE vase. =P

    BTW, we need to continue our weekly or bi-monthly get togethers! we cant lose touch again!!! <3

    P.S I didn't realize this blog was google ...and didn't realize I already had an account but from now on you should expect glorious-long-anecdotal comments from me :-*

  10. oh okay, i get it now. i thought you liked twilight...or maybe it was you that told me never watch it lol.
    and dont worry, the vase will not take a year. 2 weeks tops. but prob not even that long. like a week. maybe by the little party on fri night. maybeeee. but dont lean on it incase i let you down. i dont want that. :( and then i gotta work on the plate.
    and i agreeee! we do need to continue it. im so glad weve been chillin often lately. im sure with you in school again it might not be as often. the month of sep is pretty packed for me. school and 2 shows im going to see. butttt.... okay. like next week it bloated. unless we do something sat. and then the monday after that maybe like an evening date. i feel like some kinda busy business woman, which i am not...at least not yet. so let me know what works. i can write you on my big board of junk im doing this month.
    and yes, its google. its blogspot but its works through google... i think? obviously yea. and i would love long glorious anecdotal comments from you. they are the best. :) haha. do you have a blog on here too? or just the live journal thing? or is that done?

  11. Haha, well I have a blog on here. I have one entry that says, "Helloooooooo humans. I come in peace." but that's it. =D And I do have LJ 'cuz that's the best blog spot EVER. <3

    BUT DONT FORGET THAT YOU'RE COMING OVER FRIDAY FOR MY IFTAR!!!! I changed it for you and only you and you cannot ditch me! =P

    Then that weekend is our holiday so anytime after next weekend and after classes...would be grrrrrrreat! But you know, we can figure this via tele 'cuz you don't want any stalkers stalking you on here, now do you? =P


    I'M GONNA SEE U2 ON SUNDAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Im in love with the first plate that you made! It is soooo cool. I also love the dress you made and it looks so much better than the Liz Calborne. Can't wait to hang out with you on Monday, still not sure what we should do..any suggestions? lulu

  13. lol zeek. i am still coming to your iftar. what does iftar mean? i wouldnt ditch it. and yea well figure out chilling on the phone. wheres U2 playing? i dont even care much for them but if you're excited, yippee for you. :)

    and lulu. thanks!!! :) you're so sweet. i wrote to you on facebook, incase you didnt plan to come back on here and check my response. :)

  14. Haha, U2 is da bomb. They're playing at Soldier Field. =D

    And I agree with lulu. The dress is go'geous especially for it being your first!! But then again, everything you make turns to gold =P

    And iftar pretty much means the time we break our fast. I told you this beforeeeee. Why don't you listen to me. =( haha jk jk.

    <3 but ima go to sleep now. night night, sweet dreams.

  15. omgosh amanda these are AMAZING! youve gotten so good!!!!! i dont remember doing any plates in ceramics, how in the world are you doing that?!! Hahaha...i especially love the plates in the first, third, sixth, and ninth pics. WOW. and the last teacup + plate set is the cutest thing. i wish i were still in class!!!!

  16. yea, plates are real fun to make, and its great b/c you can really use them yourself! i learned over summer, a guy in the studio who is real good at throwing showed me how. if you ever take ceramics again, have your teacher show you. they're not too hard when you get the hang of it, and if you leave them thicker and then trim when its leather hard, they turn out more well done. i finally started trimming my stuff so the bottoms are nicer. its real fun to trim. i think you should totally do it again! you were sooo good! i still remember that adorable bowl you made!