dress success

lame title, i know.
but it's the first dress I've ever made
and somehow I feel like I have the right to be cheesy.
It has a couple of little things
that I need to fix
but still, I love it.
I was trying to make it look similar to
a Liz Claiborne dress I fell in love with:

hmm, maybe next time....


  1. Very sweet. Good job. I'm impressed.

  2. Wow!! That is really, really good!!! Hey are you going to Renegade this this weekend???!!

  3. Not to bad for a first dress! I like the plaid a lot.

  4. no, not this weekend. im fixing a couple more things and the wedding is in october that i plan to wear it to. so then it'll have its debut. :)

  5. you did a great job! i am super envious of all of your artistic abilities. seriously, i think you're so creative and your style is so unique and perfect and pretty.

  6. aw shucks :] lol dont be envious. anyone can do it! thanks though!