walnut, watercolor, and embroidery

I recently went to a craft store and immediately searched for my favorite aisle, the one stocked with clearance items. I found a bunch of great stuff: 4 trays for hot dogs (my guy has a thing for Vienna Beef and making the perfect hot dog), pack of 42 pretty scrapbooking sheets, 10 small watercolor paper cards, and a couple of other things. I love deals, and I spent just $11 on all of that. Stocking up on craft things makes me eager to actually put them to use. So last night I pulled out my watercolors and just played around for a little bit, making cute little paintings. I like how they turned out, and they're perfect for leaving small notes to my loves.

This walnut caught my eye while I was taking photographs. I truly never knew that a walnut has a heart inside. Love it!

This painting was practice from a watercolors technique book I have.

And lastly, the autumn embroidery I made for my room. I plan to have all four seasons finished soon, spring is already done.

I thank God that there are so many things we can make with our hands. The weather is gorgeous and life is good. I couldn't ask God for more.


  1. I love a good bargain too. I hoping to hit up the craft stores tomorrow to see what I can find. Love the water color pieces, they look fantastic.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  2. oh wow. i love love the water colors. they look wonderful! they would make great blank cards or something like that. :) & i had no clue the inside of a walnut looked like that!

    && you should totally try out piano. it's never too late to learn ;)