I have a bunch of Adobe programs that have been sitting very patiently for two years now on my laptop for me to mess around with. Well last night (because that seems to be when the most creativity comes out) I finally opened Illustrator just to see what it's all about. Made this little design, nothing great, but hopefully I'll get better with practice.


  1. this is really awesome. illustrator is one of those programs where you can really be creative. my little advice is to master that pen tool. :) man, it's been years since i've used illustrator...i learned way back in high school...sight :D happy creating!

  2. That's fun, you've reminded me that I bought myself Photoshop Elements but I've been too intimated and scared to play with it yet. I really should.

  3. How fun! I have no idea what to do with programs like that -- wish I did!