altered skirt

Some clothes just can't help it...they're awkward, nerdy, and sometimes just too big.

This skirt was given to me by my sister and I originally intended on just using the fabric for pouches but since I'm desperate for some new skirts... I kept it and made it a whole lot better.

The skirt was actually extremely well made, I couldn't help but admire the craftsmanship before I took it apart.
But as you can see from the before pictures, this skirt wasn't going to be worn anywhere no matter how well it was made.

So I took apart the seams and cut off the excess fabric from the top.

Having a long zipper in the middle front of a skirt just doesn't look flattering on me. So I carefully removed the zipper and opened the seam in the middle back where I'd move it to.

pinned the zipper in place and the spot for two new darts

I also realized that having a seam go straight down the middle front would be kind of boring. So I decided to have the seam off a little more on one side and go down in a slight angle.

and like that the skirt was no longer just a pile of fabric!

So now I have one less skirt to buy!


  1. You are clearly a clothing genius!! You took it from drab to sexy!! :)

  2. Wow, great work! I agree with Sarah B. about the clothing genius bit. I felt a little exhausted just reading everything you had to do! Looks beautiful though.

  3. now THAT's clever!

    gosh i need to learn to sew. :P

  4. oh wow. that is awesome! i think it looks great. i love the color of the zipper :D

  5. very cute! i am hopeless at sewing... if i took that skirt apart, it would still be in pieces!