nothing to wear

I came to the very sad realization Sunday night that I really need to go shopping. When I went to my closet to find a nice skirt or dress to wear to church, there was not a single thing I was happy with. Most of my dressy clothes were passed down from my sisters or bought by me about 5 years ago. And unfortunately, my 17 year old clothes are not looking so cool on my 22 year old self. I usually run to a simple black skirt every time this happens and Sunday night was no different. I have a decent amount of new tops, it's just the skirt and dresses that are really needing the help. So I did some searching on a couple of my favorite sites and found some beautiful choices. I think I'll be dropping some serious money some time soon!

I'm hoping not to have anymore frustrated with my wardrobe moments once I buy some new pieces. Hurray for pretty and stylish clothes! :)

[just wanted to reinforce that these photographs are from the corresponding websites]


  1. What great finds . . . . I hear you, I'm all to often saying "I have nothing to wear". I can feel a shopping spree coming on.

  2. Half of my wardrobe is from Ruche, and my two fave coats are from Anthro. Looks like you and I have the same taste!

  3. oh wow. what great finds! i love all of them :D definitely the glowing leaf skirt :) happy shopping!

  4. modcloth has the best stuff! i love what you've picked here. ooh, and that 'intertwined' skirt...LOVE!

    happy wardrobe updating! :D