photo corner frames

I recently got a new bed and rearranged all
the posters on my wall,
leaving a very bare and boring wall right above my bed.
I didn't want another large poster
and I have tons of photos I ordered off etsy
that I never got around to getting frames for.

So after a productive day of shopping,
I came home with three beautiful hanging votive jars
that were on sale for $2.95 at Anthropologie
and I decided it was time to add some color
and eye candy to the empty space.
The photographs are from Alice B. Gardens
and since I didn't have frames
I used self-adhesive photo corners
I had from the craft store
to hold the photos up.
Now I'm just waiting for a dark stormy night
to light up those tea candles and snuggle up with
a good book.


  1. It looks so pretty!
    What a fabulous idea!
    Don't you just love Anthropologie?

  2. id love to move into the store. it would make the best home and closet ever.

  3. Great idea! The colors are wonderful!

  4. Beautiful! I really love the simplicity!