shop is open!

Yes, you read it right.
I finally opened my etsy shop!
So far I have the three pouches I made in there
but I ordered a fresh batch of materials
off etsy and will be making more
as soon as I get the supplies.
I'm trying to decide which ceramic pieces
I want to sell in there.
It's hard to part from some of them
and at the same time
I want to sell the good pieces that
are etsy worthy.
But still I'm excited to finally be selling
the things I love to make.
Check it out at my shop!


  1. Congrats!!!!
    I absolutely love the linen and vintage one..
    looks like you are already getting some views!

  2. my three addictions are as follows: shoes, dresses, and PURSES! If you have them all bought all of a sudden at once, youll know who it is :)

  3. haha hannah, my addictions are shoes, purses, and wallets. and if you plan to buy me out, leave me with at least one until i restock so my shop wont die ;)

  4. congratulations on your shop opening! I love having an etsy shop, wishes for success!

  5. Congratulations Amanda! I am on my way to check it out.....