lazy bones

I'm sure you all have those moments when you
keep putting off what you should be doing.
Well my "moment" was this whole week.
So sorry sorry sorry
for not posting.
But I have a reason that I sort of stated
in my last post.
I'm eager to put up the pouches I made in my
(if you're going to click it^^ be aware that it's still empty)
But I'm waiting for my moo mini's to come in
so I can put them to good use.
And they'll be here any day now
So I'll probably put them up tomorrow.
And that will call for a nice LOUD, ANNOUNCING
kind of post.
But today it's rainy out and there's not much to say
except for I'm taking too long reading
My Sister's Keeper
and I forgot how much I love to read.
But here's a photo to leave you all with.
Just a little distraction.

enjoy. come back tomorrow.


  1. Can't wait for the shop to be open!
    So exciting!

  2. Classic downtown DP! I know how you feel. There just isn't enough time in one day. I was supposed to read a TON this summer...but there just wasn't enough time to get down on a billion book inbetween work and sleep. ha...
    so you're at the right pace anyway!