new things

Haven't posted for a while but now I have a reason to,
I have some new things.
New things I bought, new things I made.
And honestly, who doesn't love a new thing?

This is my little Audrey phone charm from Evangelione. I have been eyeing all of her lovely creations for quite some time now. And as soon as I saw that she's making little charms, I threw one in my cart and never looked back. The packaging was super cute and she didn't cost as much as the larger dolls which is great for my wallet.

Now I've also been wanting something from cabin+cub and I realized I was putting it off for way too long. So I found some cute things I really liked and bought those too. It helped that the birthday card was on sale and the bookplates are so darn adorable. Hooray!

Finally, here's what I've been up to:
For the second class, we picked a word to print and played around with colors.
I picked Illinois, the other word on each sheet belonged to a partner. Just ignore the fly that completely intruded on my picture...

For the third class we had to set up a couple of lines to print. My words were chosen from Gregory Alan Isakov's "that moon song".

And for my fourth class, we carved an image into linoleum and printed with it.
Clearly the Illinois thing is becoming a pattern. So far this was my favorite project. It was sort of like stamp making and playing with the colors was pretty fun.

Hope you all have been happy making new things too!


  1. very, very cool! i especially love the gradient color shading of "Illinois."

    i've been working on some embroidery lately. i'm the happiest when i'm making something, so it's been a fun to spend some serious time on it. :)

    i think i'm going to post as i learn things about the ever mysterious GoogleAnalytics. it seems to be a thorn in a lot of bloggers' paws. :P

  2. that charm is too cute! :D i love the work you are doing in the letterpress class. i really love the line from the song you chose. it's lovely! :D

  3. I love those bookplates!! And I'm so jealous of your letterpress class -- looks like you're learning a lot and your projects are turning out, too!