latest pottery

I feel semi accomplished. I glazed these pieces about a week ago and finally picked them up today! I actually made these in May and just now completed them, yeah...wow.

I worked my tail off for this cake stand.

In case you're wondering, the following piece was supposed to look lopsided.

Bugs seem to have a thing for my work. First the fly, now this. I didn't put him there, I think he thought he was camouflaging somehow.

And this piece was made for my mom's outdoor plants. I wanted it to look rustic and earthy.

Seeing the results of my work makes me a little sad that I won't be doing ceramics in the fall. I'll be taking my first digital photography class, but I have a feeling I'll make some more pottery eventually. Once you start a craft, it's hard to stop.


  1. wow, these are stunning, I love the cake stand

  2. oh wow. i love that cake stand so very much. i totally love pottery/wheel throwing, it's so relaxing and calming. i totally agree that once you start it's hard to stop. :D too many craft so little time!@#

  3. these are awesome! i didn't realize you were a potter as well. my, my, my -- the many craft hats you wear. :P

    love the little ladybug visiting your piece. :D

  4. Wow! You've got some serious talent! I love the shape and color of all of your pieces, but my favorite is that first bowl you showed ;)

  5. That cake stand is gorgeous!!! You have a knack!!

    love your site & your shop is so cute!

  6. wow. these are really good!