my gardening mother

Every summer I get to enjoy
the fruit of my mother's labor.
She has made our backyard
a lovely and inspiring place.

When the weather warms up enough
she spends many hours outside
working in the garden.
She plants flowers, vegetables, fruit.

She arranges the random,
eclectic things my dad brings home.
A chipped deer statue,
piles of old bricks, a bird bath.

Our yard has become a haven.
And it all looks so effortless and casual.

I hope someday that I'll have
a home and yard of my own,
and that it will look
and feel as peaceful and beautiful
as the one my mom and dad made for us.


  1. Pretty! My mother-in-law has a beautiful vegetable garden and I envy her skill. I unfortunately inherited my mom's "black thumb" (she kills all plants)! At least I get to enjoy others' gardens ;)

  2. what a great post. i must admit my mom is the same way. she has this old gardening table with all sorts of pots (some broken), tools, plants and its messiness looks amazing to me.

    wonderful photos as well. :) love the first one very much.

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