I have to say...

my life is somewhat of a mess.
Not a bad mess but a mess alright.
I'm twenty-one. I consider myself a good girl.

Compared to most twenty-one year old girls that is.

I'm a nanny to four of the greatest kids I know.

I think i have the best job in the world.

This is my man.

Currently I'm taking one class at school, and that class is ceramics. I'm in love with it. I should really write LOVE so you know how much I enjoy it. I have a puppy. He is a 3.5 month old morkie (maltese-yorkie). He goes by the name Juno. So far every one falls head over heels for him. I have no idea why.
But look at that face.

So that part of my life is not too much of a mess. It gets hectic at times but that's the smooth part. The real chaotic area of my life comes when art comes into play. The problem is that I'm all over the place. I try to do it all. I envy people who choose one craft and excel at it and stick with it for life. I can't pick the thing I like the best. There's a list of things I do. I think I'll just write it down the in rough order of which I do most frequently:

photography. film and digital.


music. viola.

& then the ones I'm working on

stamp making

doll making





planting things

& finally the things I really want to do


learn piano

more of these