getting better & pretty things

My foot has been healing really well.
I woke up this morning with no pain
and was able to walk with the boot
on right away without any trouble.

So I'm feeling good about getting
back to my regular schedule tomorrow.
But today I'm just getting one good
last day of rest and enjoying it, too.

Took some photos of things in my room,
the new pieces I made in ceramics,
and the peonies that are waiting to
bloom outside of my window.

Made this when spring first arrived.

Formed the bird out of porcelain
and glazed it in ceramics class.

Little plaque for Juno's one year with me.

A piece I made in ceramics.
I'm happy with the glaze results.

Another piece. I like the carvings,
just wish the glaze would've run further down.

Just a porcelain stone I stamped into.

The newest mug I've made.
Happy with it.

The peonies.

The ant.

And my smiling companion.


  1. what a cute puppers!

    i like the diversity of things that you make. :)

  2. AnonymousMay 17, 2010

    I love how creative you are and the things that you have made...I just love being friends with you. lulu

  3. thanks kelli :) and thanks lulu. you're so sweet. :)

  4. I saw you on the etsy forums and I'm your newest follower. Stop by when you have time!


  5. Wow-- you are so multi-talented! I loved looking through your amazing pictures too!

  6. such beautiful things!

  7. Thank you for creating such a lovely space : )

    I’d like to invite you to win a piece of my fine art through a giveaway on my blog.


    I wish you all my best.


  8. adorable doggie! & what wonderful pottery :D love the idea of the doggie prints. very cute.