through the viewfinder

I've been wanting to play around with some
(through the viewfinder)
for awhile now.
It's when you take a photo
with a digital camera
THROUGH the viewfinder of another camera.
I took these shots through my Yashica.

It's really fun to do
and the results can be really beautiful.
In my case it was getting a little dark out
and I had to do some lens correction on
photoshop because I wasn't careful
and some of my shots weren't centered.

Overall I like them and I'm excited
to do more of these when it's brighter out.
I actually posted in my first post
that ttv's were something I
wanted to do more of.
check that off.


  1. those are great... what a cute idea. i love the texture and mood all the photos have. ;)

  2. Love the colors of the photographs!

  3. Those are really neat. They have kind of a haunted or spooky look. I may have to give it a try.