announcing the giveaway winner...

First off I want to truly thank everyone

who entered, hearted my shop or an item,

or chose to follow my blog.

I can't tell you how good it feels

to have that kind of support

from people who may not even know me.


Also, I was just so thrilled about this giveaway.

I was surprised at the response

but I really want to give back

to you guys.

To you people who take the time to

check out a new site and

like winning free things. :)

I'm excited to be giving something back

to someone who took a peek on hello.lollipop.

And I look forward to more giveaways!

So the randomly chosen winner is...




Look for an email from me so

I know exactly which pouch you choose

and where to send it.

Thank you everyone!!


  1. Im super jealous lol but congrats!

  2. haha, sorry :)
    but there will be more to come! maybe in 2 months or so. thanks for entering!