erban fiber

Not too long ago my blog buddy, erban,
opened another etsy shop.
Her first shop is her awesome photography.
Her newest shop is called erban fiber
and it holds a collection of
cool remixed friendship bracelets + more.

I couldn't keep myself from buying something
once the shop opened.
I'm not one to wear much jewelry but these
were fun, cute, and colorful.
How could I resist!

If you have not already visited
erban fiber, do so!
I'm sure you'll find something you love.


  1. Beautiful! Pictures are lovely too. :)

  2. she's got some cute things in there. :) i've never been able to master the art of friendship bracelet making, altho it was all the rage when i was growing up.

  3. Plus it looks like that bracelet will match just about anything ;)

  4. Those look lovely, going to go take a peek now. :)

  5. aww. thanks so much :D they look great on you & you took some great photos! :D