be productive

When I have a long list of things to do,
I write myself an extra note of
encouragement that says:

Sometime I ignore the note,
or sometimes I just get distracted
by something called the internet.

I've gotten some stuff accomplished since
I woke up at 8:30 this morning.
But I knew it wouldn't feel worth it
if I wouldn't finally post on my blog.

So here's what I owed you guys
since my last post from some
many days ago.


  1. This is so true - I think I also need to write myself a note, right above my computer, that says in big bold letters, Be Productive! Thanks so much for the reminder.

  2. Cute pictures! My computer is so covered in sticky notes that I think it will fall over if I add more :(

  3. Being useless is one of tasks I'm most productive at! It's exhausting, you know, doing stuff!

    I'd rather watch other people be productive and admire them.