I have to say...

my life is somewhat of a mess.
Not a bad mess but a mess alright.
I'm twenty-one. I consider myself a good girl.

Compared to most twenty-one year old girls that is.

I'm a nanny to four of the greatest kids I know.

I think i have the best job in the world.

This is my man.

Currently I'm taking one class at school, and that class is ceramics. I'm in love with it. I should really write LOVE so you know how much I enjoy it. I have a puppy. He is a 3.5 month old morkie (maltese-yorkie). He goes by the name Juno. So far every one falls head over heels for him. I have no idea why.
But look at that face.

So that part of my life is not too much of a mess. It gets hectic at times but that's the smooth part. The real chaotic area of my life comes when art comes into play. The problem is that I'm all over the place. I try to do it all. I envy people who choose one craft and excel at it and stick with it for life. I can't pick the thing I like the best. There's a list of things I do. I think I'll just write it down the in rough order of which I do most frequently:

photography. film and digital.


music. viola.

& then the ones I'm working on

stamp making

doll making





planting things

& finally the things I really want to do


learn piano

more of these


  1. Your page is terrific! I admire all of your artistic abilities. I also recently just started a blog, let's see if I keep it up!

  2. AnonymousJune 01, 2009

    I'm taking a ceramics class too...it's so I have some knowledge of it for when I begin my teaching credential program this fall. But I LOVE the class...I always had bad luck with clay before that. We made giant pinch-pot peppers, that we fired and then, while they were still hot, laid horse hair on top, so it has all these black squiggles all over. Dangerous but lots of fun!

  3. i know what you mean.
    i get bored easily so i'm kinda
    all over the place too! and i want
    to get into photography + graphic design
    this summer. i'm way ADD and have done everything from soapmaking to origami.

    i say try everything you want, and if you find something you absolutely fall in love with, then great! and if not, whatever. at least you'll have a bunch of new skills + interests. <3

  4. i agree totally with you erica. the way i see it, if you dont try something you may never know that you would have excelled at it. maybe i would be a fantastic race car driver but if i never try it out, i just wont know. we're all over the place, but i think it's great. im always busy and thinking of new things to do. :)

  5. Hi Amanda!
    That's not a mess it is fun! It is great to try different things. I do lots of different things too-the only problem at times is finishing things but I always get there in the end. At the moment I am making a scarf, finishing two dolls, halfway through a painting and painting a papier mache pig for a friend at work. That is in between work, blog, life and all the rest! So keep it up I say, your life sounds great! ALso, your dog-so cute!

  6. well thanks for the encouragement sarah. i just wish i had more time to do everything! :) im always up late now but at least i like what im doing. and thanks about my puppy. :)

  7. I'm all over the place, too. Maybe it's not such a bad thing! You seem to be wonderful at all of it, so keep it up :)